Big Speaker Night

February 17
Julie Papievis


Julie Papievis has a national speaking and lecturing career as a survivor of traumatic brain injury. She has appeared on The 700 Club, CNN, and WGN News and has been featured in Woman's Day Magazine and Lifetime TV's "Beyond Chance" to share the story of her near-death experience.

On May 10, 1993 my life was changed forever because a teenager ran a red light. I suffered a severe brain stem injury and medically died. Immediately, I was transported to heaven's doorstep. Knowing I was surrounded by loved ones, I felt like I was "home". I saw my grandmothers, who told me my body would heal. They said, "Go back and be happy."​

More than a physical road to recovery, I took a spiritual journey to a rich and satisfying faith. I hope my story of determination offers an inspirational and practical approach to dealing with sudden changes in life.