Big Speaker Night

October 16
Mary Helen Ekstam

Your Journey Through the Holidays and Special Occasions

Holidays and special occasions can be stressful. Come and explore how to make these events joyous and these treasured moments a gift.

As JourneyCare’s Life Learning Advocate, Mary Helen Ekstam brings over 30 years of experience in healthcare administration and outreach. With expertise in neurological rehabilitation, hospice, palliative medicine and music therapy, Mary Helen has presented extensively at national and regional conferences, and developed many workshops.

November 27
Rochelle Pennington


The Hidden History of Dickens' A Christmas Carol

This facinating program takes a close-up look at the literary genius of Charles Dickens, England's most celebrated Victorian novelist, and explains the hidden history behind the author's 1843 Christmas classic.

What events inspired the Carol to be written? Who was it written for? How did Dickens' historical novel "single-handedly resurrect" Chistmas at a time when factories were open and churches were closed on December 25th? By 1900, no other book in the world had sold more copies except the Bible.

Pennington’s narrative will offer factual perspective and behind-the-scenes insights into the epic influence of Dickens’ immortal characters: Ebeneezer Scrooge, Jacob Marley, and a trio of Christmas ghosts.